Drone Filming Tips You Need To Know

Drone Filming Tips You Need To Know


Before diving into our drone filming tips, make sure you’ve read up on UAV regulations specific to the area where you want to fly your drone. It would also be safe to assume that you’ve put in the hours flying your drone or quadcopter and you’re ready to fly that thing like an X-Wing fighter visit this site right here. All  you need now are a some sage advice to get you on track capturing cinematic drone videos – and a little light saber wouldn’t hurt as well.

Drone Filming Tips: Maneuvering and Shot Techniques

Fly slow

Not only does it create a more cinematic feel to your footage, flying slow makes the viewers feel the shot was taken from a bigger platform such as a helicopter. This would also suggest seemingly high production values when in fact it was shot with a $500 drone.

Take it easy with the control sticks on the RC. Slow and sure movements does it fine, sudden movements such as accelerating or deceleration can  distort your aerial video.

Visualize and pre-plan your aerial footage

Scout the filming location and take note of potential limitations. It would also be wise to determine what you’ll be needing for the shoot. Will you be needing more juice from your drone’s batteries? Optimize your drone settings ahead of time to avoid running out power at the most critical time of the shoot.

Fly in two axes of movement

High production shots make use of this technique all the time. Try flying downwards while moving backwards at the same time. Maintain a steady, smooth pace.


Flying sideways is great way to shoot landscapes aside from the usual forward and back drone movements. It offers a fresh perspective and can reveal features of the landscapes too.


Have your drone strafe either to the left or right with the yaw stick pulled in the opposite direction. The yaw control is usually located on the controller’s left side. Remember to be gentle with the yaw control to avoid spinning too quickly.


A fly-through shot is a bit risky, but when done well offers an absolutely awesome, cinematic shot. You’ll be using the controller screen to navigate the drone, and if you’re not too confident with your drone piloting skills, better put it off until you are.

Working with gimbals

Get in more dimensions to your drone filming shots by mixing up drone movements with gimbal movements, giving you a third axis of movement. Try flying forward to you subject then tilt the gimbal upward – this gives off a cinematic view of the landscape.

The Parallax Effect

This will definitely add more depth to your aerial footage. Shoot with structures or trees proximate to the drone, suggesting how big the surrounding landscape really is.

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