Drone Videography Tips And Tricks You’ll Find Very Useful

Drone Videography Tips And Tricks You’ll Find Very Useful

You’re totally excited with your newest acquisition, a quadcopter you can use to shoot breathtaking, cinematic footage. Sounds all too easy, flying and controlling your drone while maneuvering the lens to get an awe inspiring view. But before you start drone filming just like the pros do by checking out these very simple tips. But first, some very important reminders.

Read up on UAV regulations

Misconceptions about the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle guidelines are quite common and trouble won’t be too far away if you fail to sit down and brush up on regulations surrounding UAV operation. Seriously, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Improve your UAV flying skills

Unless you have someone else controlling the drone, make sure you know how to fly and be quite good at it at the very least. The last thing you need is your expensive drone crashing somewhere you wouldn’t really want – like someone else’s face or expensive car.

The Basics

Now that you’ve gone through the UAV do’s and don’ts and you’ve improved  your flying chops, basic drone videography techniques are pretty much the same as techniques and practices employed in video and theater productions regardless if your capturing a large scene or a particular subject.  Below are some of the basic shots you can try out and practice with.

  • Dolly or tracking shot – the camera moves alongside the subject
  • Pan shot – the drone camera glides from left to right and vice versa
  • Pedestal shot – the drone camera flies up and down in line with the subject
  • Still shot – the camera is stationery as it records the subject
  • Mixing up these basic shots plus the unique view courtesy of the drone camera can result to amazingly creative shots.
  • With the help of a foreground subject that is relevant to the subject, reveal a larger scene by flying from the behind the subject.
  • Line of sight technique –  flying the drone camera straight forward and back to reveal objects in either sides
  • Get started from a specific point – get close shot of your subject before gradually showing the scene

There are other creative techniques in drone video filming. Tune in here for more awesome drone filming and photography techniques. Aimimage offers a wide range of camera equipment rental kits perfect for drone filming. Contact us today for your questions and inquiries.

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