Edinburg Reviews for Jake Gavin’s Hector

Edinburg Reviews for Jake Gavin’s Hector


Critics are definitely impressed by Jake Gavin’s brilliant film directorial debut entitled “Hector”, headlined by Peter Mullan. It is a moving story of an honest, caring homeless man who puts off his yearly Christmas pilgrimage to reconnect with his estranged family.

Allan Brown of Movie Review World writes –

“Gavin’s choice to frame the character and the subject matter in this light is nothing short of a breath of fresh air, a liberating experience that is devoid of the usual social 8  stereotypes so so common in films…Hector is a crowning achievement for all involved…”

Neil Young from The Hollywood Reporter also writes –

“Gavin’s achievement here is to craft a drama that conveys the hard-knock realities of homelessness while maintaining a gentle, wry and sometimes humorous tones – a tricky balancing act that even experienced filmmakers can find problematic.”

As the official theater release of this powerful, human drama nears, check out this new trailer that has recently come out.










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