Edinburgh Film Festival: 5 of our favourite Documentaries

Edinburgh Film Festival: 5 of our favourite Documentaries

Edinburgh film festival has recently come to a close and we witnessed some great releases and talent from all around the world. Being huge fans of documentaries here at Aimimage, the documentary category always stands out, so let’s have a deeper look at some of the exciting and fascinating documentaries that we loved the look of at Edinburgh Film Festival:

1. Bugs



This isn’t a documentary following the amusing lives of bugs, ironically it rather focuses on how the consumption of insects could be the future of sustainable and healthy food. The idea of eating bugs doesn’t exactly sound appetising but surprisingly, they are seen as quite a delectable addition to many different dishes around the world. Bugs looks like an interesting and thought-provoking documentary exploring the impact of population growth to our food supply. With a shortage of food production, we may have to turn to new sources of nutrition. What better place to start then beneath the earth, where all your pesky insects dwell, rich in vitamin and minerals?


2. Homo Sapiens



There has definitely been a point in our existence where we’ve all asked ourselves one of life’s most profound questions; what happens after you die? Where to begin with such a controversial query, what exists beyond the fragile existence of mankind, are we just growth of physical matter or maybe we posses roots of deeper undiscovered power? As mere humans all we can do is speculate, the subject will forever hold much intrigue and confusion at the same time. Homo Sapiens explores how the earth will continue to grow without the occupation of humans, a very thought provoking and fascinating documentary with a lot of contentious themes which we LOVE the look of.


3. Shadow World



The endless wars waged by social and political indifference’s between countries. What better way to gain advantage over your opposition by equipping yourself with great amounts of weaponry. ‘Shadow World’ is a cinematic documentary that reveals the truths behind the international arms trade. A real and lucrative business on a global scale where profits are extremely high at the cost of millions of lost lives. This documentary sheds light on the reality behind global government’s motives, which as a result leads to mass fatalities. Is the bloodshed justified? Or is it an act of blind greed? Shadow World explore this and looks like a great watch.


4. The First Monday in May



Nowadays people seem to be easily warped by the pressure of society and how one is expected to present themselves, all in the name of fashion. Is this an art form or a self glorified act of vanity? Moving forward in today’s generation, the blind obsession with our appearance has created an art form which is recognized across the world by many, exhibited by models who portray the sort of body which is seen to be desirable in this age. The First Monday in May explores Chinese inspired fashion ideologies, and how they are seen as an artistic expression, a very noticeable and evolving trend in today’s society.


5. Under the Sun



The common view of North Korea revolves round the ‘Juche’ ideology, which essentially promotes propaganda, typically expressed throughout the country with pictures of national leaders. ‘Under the sun’ is a glimpse into the strict lifestyle of North Korea. The documentary follows the ordinary life of a family living in Pyongyang, capital of North Korea. The camera crew discreetly record the family and their everyday activities, capturing all their moments and how they cope with the whole propaganda operation. A very insightful look into the pressures of normal life within North Korea, and how their population is forced to conform to a very rigid and unnatural life.


We are really excited about the above documentaries covered at the Edinburgh Film Festival, and we look forward to seeing the huge range of content on our screens throughout the rest of the year. If you are interested in learning about what else is planned for release, head on over to the Edinburgh Film Festival website for more information – http://www.edfilmfest.org.uk/

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