Film Equipment HIre

Film Equipment HIre

In the present-day world with its diversity of gadgets and technology innovations, film equipment hire is increasingly gaining favour. Cinematographers, camera and lighting professionals alike can find a broad range of cameras and specialized equipment. Kit rental comes in useful when meeting particular needs of a project, be it professional video production or a venture of an inexperienced beginner.

We offer a great selection of top end inventory, including cameras of world-renowned brands such as Canon, Sony, Arri, and Red Cinema, as well as all kinds of lighting and camera accessories.


SONY PDW-F800 camcorder – a perfect rental choice for professional filming
SONY PDW-F800 camcorder – a perfect rental choice for professional filming

Our strong relationships with trusted suppliers make us first choice for feature films, documentaries, music videos and TV dramas. We pride ourselves on having successfully worked with leading production companies and broadcasters including the BBC, ITV, and The Discovery Channel to name a few. With us, a novice filmmaker will always be treated with equal respect and concern, and offered valuable advice on choosing their kit. Specific requirements and budgets catered for, and clients will be provided with ongoing assistance throughout the production process.

Hiring film equipment can be preferred to buying for a number of reasons. Mainly, it takes the burden of maintenance and repair off your shoulders. Keeping your equipment functioning properly can take a good deal of your time, not to mention added costs. Kit hire services provide you with every required item, already carefully tested and inspected.

Our support goes far beyond providing quality cameras for hire, see here below:

  • lens hire
  • audio equipment hire
  • lighting equipment hire
  • monitor hire
  • jib and crane hire
  • tripod hire
  • track hire
  • recorder hire

If you don’t see it on our website, it doesn’t mean we don’t have it. Just ask.


Dedo Full Octodome Kit available for hire along with other lighting equipment
Dedo Full Octodome Kit available for hire along with other lighting equipment

If you are ever in need of high-powered lighting, individual lavalier microphones or a multichannel audio mixer for your recorder, renting these items rather than purchasing them, can seem a business savvy decision. Planning to shoot a video for an adventure sports company or film a music concert? Our wide choice of grips, car mounts, stabilization rigs, cranes and jibs will surely turn up just at the right moment.

Filming in a non-traditional environment, like underwater shooting, can be easy with today’s technologies. With specialist equipment like GoPro or an ARRI Alexa camera, even an amateur can get that wildlife shot.


film equipment hire
Underwater shot of a manatee using an ARRI Amira

Their rugged design and budget-friendly cost allows anyone to capture the natural world with a professional level of quality. But beware. Your equipment may happen to fall victim to a wild animal’s curiosity, just the way it has on this video showing an elephant eating a GoPro:

However, it’s not only your camera that appears endangered while filming animals. The following video proves that the cameraman himself could be eaten…

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