Film Equipment Rental London

At Aimimage we have a huge selection of film equipment for rental in London. We stock everything from cameras and lenses to track, tripods, lights and rain deflectors. Whatever the size of your project, whether you are a budding photographer or a full-blown director, we will have suitable film equipment for your rental needs.

Film equipment rental in London can save you money and will mean you can return the kit once you are finished with your job or project, so you don’t need to worry about storing it all after use. We service and clean all equipment before it is rented so you will always receive products that have been checked to the highest standard.

Rent Film Equipment

We have provided film equipment rental to some huge names in London such as Netflix, ITV and Sky, so we are as confident providing kit to huge-scale productions as we are to rookies and novice photographers. Our huge selection of kit means you will be able to find everything you need and can save yourself the hassle of hiring from several companies.

Contact Us For More Kit

We have a great selection available online but if there is a particular piece of kit or camera you are looking for that isn’t listed, we might still be able to help. We have some film equipment for rental in London that isn’t listed on the site so give us a call and we will try our best to provide you with it. Alternatively, if you are a beginner browsing for film equipment rental and you have questions about which product is best suited to your level of expertise and your filming needs, contact us for advice.