Ford Italia’s advert was filmed using Black Magic Camera

Ford Italia’s advert was filmed using Black Magic Camera

Ford Italia’s Father’s Day advert was filmed using a Black Magic Micro Cinema Camera from Aimimage.

How long did it take to film?

The advert took four days to film, and was shot in three locations – Essex’s Brentwood, Paris in France and Italy’s Rome.

What is the purpose of the advert?

The upcoming advert is a funny one that documented seven fathers as they took their children on their first [or one of] driving lesson/s.

Why did Ford Italia choose this theme?

It highlights the somewhat stressful, and albeit painful feelings that come with teaching a young and easily distracted person new tricks. The main aim of Ford Italia’s advert was to show what parents go through when taking their novice-on-the-wheel children on the road, with hilarious consequences, and we think it’s done it well.

Aimimage speaks to Damian Paul Daniel

Aimimage reached out to Damian Paul Daniel, the cinematographer behind this project, to ask him why he believed a Black Magic was the more favourable choice.

Pros of using Black Magic Micro Cinema

Upon speaking to Damien, he mentioned that the Black Magic Micro Cinema camera was the logical choice because it is compact and smaller than others that are seen in cars [on TV]. Other perks include a stronger and more fulfilling battery life. Damien cited the lack of compression as another one of the major bonuses of using a Black Magic Micro for a project like this.

Why was Black Magic Micro Cinema the best choice?

The Black Magic camera also fared particularly well when taking main shots from the front, a total of five cameras were used to rig up various angles. What’s more, it offers easy sound controllability, a higher quality picture, as well as the ability to change the lens.

When will it be broadcast?

The advert will air in the UK in June. However, those in France will get to watch it earlier – in May. Italy and Scandinavia are next on the broadcast list, with Father’s Day occurring in June (Italy) and October (Scandinavia).

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