Foyle’s War

Foyle’s War

After a very successful 12-year run, Charlie Foyle, one of Britain’s most well-loved TV characters, says farewell yet again to the dismay of so many fans (yet again) of this highly acclaimed post-World War II, detective, British TV drama on ITV. First aired in 2002, Foyle’s War was cancelled in 2007 by Simon Shaps, director of programmes for ITV at the time.

Positive public demand brought the show back from retirement in 2008. Peter Fincham, the succeeding ITV director, revived the show in response to the show’s impressive ratings in its last season. The show has been nominated thrice and won a BAFTA, Leo Grade Award in 2003.

foyle's war

Set in the southern coast of England near the end of World War 2,  Foyle’s war follows the story of Detective Chief Superintendent Charlie Foyle (Michael Kitchen), a highly moral, honest, and tenacious police detective, as he fights his own wars, investigating crime and putting a stop to criminal elements in the ensuing chaos and confusion brought by the war.

DCS Foyle is assisted by his loyal driver Samantha Stewart (played by Honeysuckle Sweet) fellow police officer Detective Paul Milner, portrayed by Anthony Howell.  By the time Foyle retires from being a detective in Series 7 then gets reinstated. Eventually, he becomes pressured to join MI5, traversing the intricate world of espionage, betrayal, murder,  and political scandals in a post World War 2 Britain.


The final episode (aired on January 18th, 2015) ended with Foyle foiling an assassination attempt, and right at the very end, our hero’s determined, yet enigmatic look hints of, if anything, of more adventures to be told. For all we know, Foyle’s War may just be on ceasefire and who knows, it may still make a come back from retirement…again.

Foyle's War

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