FUJINON CABRIO 85-300MM T2.9 ZOOM LENS, Ready for hire at Aimimage

FUJINON CABRIO 85-300MM T2.9 ZOOM LENS, Ready for hire at Aimimage

The Cabrio 85-300mm T2.9 compact zoom from Fujinon, similar to the PL 19-90, is part of Fujinon’s top-of-the-shelf zoom lens; and since it carries the Cabrio name, it is convertible. Both lenses are similar in weight and size, but the 85-300mm’s better focal length is more suited  for documentaries, car commercials, nature and wildlife.



The zoom handgrip can be quickly detached, and just like the ENG/EFP servo drives, the 85-300 Cabrio T2.9 comes with lens motors built in for zoom, iris, and focus functions. The zoom function is controlled by a rocker.

Wired and wireless control is also supported using Fujinon units, as well as industry standard remote controllers. Utilizing cutting-edge optical simulation technology, the 85-300 Cabrio T2.9 brings outstanding optical performance, high resolution, rich contrast, and superior colour precision.

This PL mount zoom lens hooks up into the mounts of later PL mount cameras via its hot shoe contacts. When using the lens with Arri and other cmotion systems, the handgrip system can be removed just by backing off the four screws. The servo is self-centring, thus, no further adjustments are needed.

Our UK lens rental kits will provide you with the assurance of getting world class results. We pride ourselves on a client-centred approach and we always stay ahead of the technological innovations so we can better serve our clients.

You can hire the CABRIO 85-300MM or any of our affordable camera lens hire packages for your next production by calling us at 020 7391 2650.

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