Halo Head for Hire in London


If you want to create a hand-held look on a long shot, without compromising on quality, the Halo Head could be the piece of kit for you. It is as angelic as it sounds, built to allow you to present a seemingly chaotic hand-held shot, whilst remaining in complete control of the camera kit.

Why Hire A Halo Head in London

Renting a Halo Head in London offers a great range of benefits over purchasing. It can be cost-effective, particularly if you only need it for a small amount of time, you can simply rent for the day and hand it back when you’re done. 

Renting a Halo Head in London also means we take responsibility for the cleaning, maintenance and storage of the kit. You can be confident that the product will be well looked after and will work exceptionally. Once you are finished shooting you can return the product, instead of having to find room to house all your kit.

Get in Touch for Advice

Our expert team knows everything there is to know about cameras, kit, and all things digital. If you have questions about Halo Head hire in London, we’ll be more than happy to answer them. Alternatively, if you want to chat to us about hiring a different product just get in touch.