Hec McAdam

Hec McAdam

Award-winning actor Peter Mullan stars as a homeless man living around the highways. From a once comfortable, sheltered life, he becomes a destitute, drifting from one service station to another generous enough to offer him food past the expiry date, a place of temporary shelter, use of bathroom facilities, and most of all, anonymity.

The heartwarming story follows his travels south from Scotland heading to his yearly pilgrimage to reunite with his ragtag family in a Christmas shelter in London. Along the way he realizes his time is running short and the need to revisit his past has become more pressing than ever.

Would he still be able to reconnect with his real family he has not seen in the last 15 years? His story further unfolds with the unraveling of the reasons that lead him to live a marginal life he now lives.


Featuring the directorial debut of Jake Gavin, Hec McAdam is an authentic account of the lives of the homeless in modern Britain. Peter Mullan’s superb portrayal of a homeless man breathes truth in the reality that the only thing that differentiates us from people like Hec Mc Adams is just a just a twist of fate.

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