Hector Is Now Available To Pre-Order From Amazon

Hector Is Now Available To Pre-Order From Amazon

It’s finally happening, Hector will be available to pre-order this month from Amazon. In case you missed our previous posts, Hector is a beautiful and uplifting film about a homeless man during Christmas. The film follows him on his annual journey from Scotland to London where a Christmas dinner is waiting for him at a shelter. It’s a wonderful film about family and human compassion which can make for the perfect Christmas gift.

The official release date is the 31st of October, however it is available to pre order now for the amazing price of £14.99  




In case you are interested to know about the reviews, we have published many posts in the past showcasing the amazing comments people had left on the internet.


Our interest in the film is not just because it’s a beautiful film to watch, but also because we supplied the kit and helped with the production in corporation with ‘A Product of Malitsky’ and ‘Goldfinch Pictures’. It’s always a pleasure working with such talented people on amazing projects like this.

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