Y Gwyll, (The Dusk) is the original title of this Welsh noir detective story TV series set in Aberystwyth. The Welsh version first aired in October, 2013 on S4C. The show was so well-received that it was the first BBC show to be aired in both English and Welsh which was broadcasted in January, 2014.

BAFTA Cymru awardee Richard Harrington plays DCI Tom Mathias, a brooding, troubled, grim detective seemingly scarred with all the horrors and darkness left by what he investigates.


To get acquainted with detective work, Harrington, along with his co-star Mali Harries, spent a good amount of time with local detectives. A  few of those detectives actually worked on the infamous April Jones murder case whose body was never found. Just about when production was about to end, her murderer was finally charged guilty for the crime.

Hinterland was shot in two languages – not a very easy task but it had its good points too. Co-producer and writer Ed Talfan mentions he gets to know the individual scenes better, but not on days when he just needs to get it done and over with and realizes the scene still needs to be shot in another language.

What really makes Hinterland so special is the Welsh landscape; so secretive, foreboding, and beautiful that it almost takes its own persona and becomes a part of cast. Talfan says the atmosphere for the show is crucial to be able to effectively convey the overall mood of the show.


Talfan adds it’s like shooting in a remote and uncharted area in Wales where no photographer has captured any pictures of, an unknown area in northern Europe shrouded in myth and history.

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