Hire a Camera — Start the New Year Right

Hire a Camera — Start the New Year Right

Hire a camera and start the New Year right.


Sure, we’re biased.  As the London film insider’s choice when it comes to professional hire a camera, we have a horse in the race.  But, you know what?  So do you.  Actually, we take that back–it’s more than that.  As a filmmaker finally at work on that bucket-list picture and in need of professional film equipment, you are the race.


You are your own best and worst enemy. Because it can be very, very hard to know what to spend your limited funds on (film versus digital, anyone?).  You do not want to cut corners, but you do want a cheap camera for rent.  And by “cheap,” we do not mean poorly made.  A Red EPIC camera, is a Red EPIC camera, is a Red EPIC camera.  This is a superb camera, full stop.  What we meant was:  hire a camera, cheaply.  With a team of experts you know you can trust.  That’s the holy grail of camera rental and that’s what Aimimage is after–the perfect convergence of filmmaking equipment for rent, utter professionalism, and renown.  Our advice to budding filmmakers: don’t settle. Aimimage is proud to say that, in 2013, we had a lot to celebrate.  And many of the actors and productions that chose to hire a camera with Aimimage ended up making not just quality stuff, but award-winning stuff.   To witness the success of our friends, our partners in cinema, over the past few weeks has been more than a pleasure.  It has been a confirmation of what we do and why we do it.

Dancing on the Edge   We’re thinking especially of Dancing on the Edge.  First, there was Ashley Rowes’s nom with the American Society of Cinematographers for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in a Television Movie.  Awesome.  And then, of course, there were Dancing on the Edge’s Satellite Awards and Golden Globe nominations.  The fact that an English produced mini-series was nominated as best in its league for a prestigious award that, let’s be honest, is concerned mostly with American work was a real triumph.  Triumph enough.  And then we think about Dancing on the Edge’s main players get noms and we get giddy.  Chiwetel Ejiofor is having the biggest year of his professional life.

Dancing On The Edge

  Jacqueline Bisset has won her first Golden Globe.  As you know, she was rendered speechless.  BECAUSE OF COURSE SHE WAS.  Her performance in the film was touching and brilliant and that award was earned, but it had taken 45 years and 5 nominations for her to grab that globe.  Dancing on the Edge did that for her.


Congrats are in order.  Way to go, team.  And the Arri ALEXA from Aimimage helped (at least a little) to make their year.  As a consequence, they helped make our year.  That’s what partnership is all about. When we tell you to hire a camera and start the New Year right, it is  with these successes in mind. Trust us: Aimimage is the end-all, be-all when comes to reliable, comprehensive film equipment hire in London, Manchester, Bristol, and the UK at large.  It’s daunting, finding a place to rent lighting equipment, grip equipment, that ARRI Alexa camera, and then find the camera lens that will capture the images you see so clearly in your mind’s eye.   We will simplify matters for you; we will help you create your best work.  Call us and we’ll prove it to you. 2014 is the year you get real and hire a camera.

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