Rent the Arri Alexa Plus 4:3 at AimImage

Rent the Arri Alexa Plus 4:3 at AimImage

The new ARRI AEXA Plus 4:3 is a model that has similar functionality to the ALEXA Plus but features a 4:3 sensor and built-in license for high speed shooting and DNxHD recording. It also has the ability to switch from 16:9 sensor mode to 4:3 sensor mode.

A 4:3 aspect ratio means the full area of the sensor can be used with anamorphic lenses, which “squeeze” the image horizontally during capture to generate a widescreen image with an aspect ratio of 2.39:1. When used with spherical lenses, the company noted, the taller sensor gives post-production more latitude to re-frame the image by moving the top and bottom frame-lines up or down.


Better Image Quality

The ARRI ALEXA Plus 4:3 is a compact, lightweight and reasonably priced digital camera that will redefine the limits of motion picture capture with ultra-fast workflows and high image quality.

More than just a camera, the Alexa Plus 4:3 represents an entire image pipeline. By combining proprietary ARRI technology with global tools from industry-leading partners, it stands alone as the most complete and powerful digital production system ever built.

From major films and sophisticated dramas to commercials, documentaries and music videos, the Alexa Plus 4:3 suits a wide variety of applications and budgets.

Amazing CMOS Sensor

The main advantage of Alexa Plus 4:3 will be an easy workflow. Its completely encapsulated CMOS sensor offers a base sensitivity equivalent to 800 ASA, low noise and unmatched latitude that exceeds 13 stops.

The Alexa Plus 4:3 can internally record to Sony SxS-Pro cards. The card slots are located on the camera’s left side and you can choose from the full range of Apple ProRes TM codecs.


It can simultaneously record Apple QuickTime/ProRes files, output uncompressed HD video or uncompressed ARRIRAW data. This output versatility makes it ideal for countless productions and workflows.

Thor: The Dark World

2013 Film Thor: The Dark World was shot using the ARRI AEXA Plus 4:3. Forget the fairy-tale romance between Jane and her hammer-wielding hunk. The real emotional centre of the Thor series is this sibling rivalry, more compelling than any climactic battle royal or winking teaser for the next chapter.

It’s all a little confusing. What’s important to know is that it’s prime time to destroy the universe, evidently. The elves just need to extract the Aether, an ancient weapon, from Foster’s body.


There’s plenty of intergalactic travel here, but the movie only really finds its groove when Thor lands on Earth. That’s where the elves will launch their attack.

Thor: The Dark World is a good model of how superheroes can save the world without forced gravitas, and have fun doing it.

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