Hire the Canon EOS 5D Mark III at AimImage

Hire the Canon EOS 5D Mark III at AimImage

The Canon EOS 5D Mark III is one of the best digital SLRs in the world. It allows users to seamlessly create clean, smooth and vibrant images.

It suits the needs of amateurs and professionals perfectly well. While its resolution is only very slightly higher than that of the 5D Mark II, the Mark III offers so many enhancements that it will be an easy upgrade decision for many existing Mark II owners.

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The 5D Mark III’s grip brings comfort and fit nicely in the hands. It’s more rounded on all corners compared to its predecessor.

The battery and memory card bays are now spring-loaded which will be convenient to those who are looking to save a second or two when swapping memory cards or batteries.

Canon made some minor changes on the button layout in the Mark III. The power button moved to the mode dial, similar to its placement on the Canon 7D.

The Mode dial now has a lock to prevent accidental mode switching, something that would oftentimes happen to the Mark II.

14-Bit DIGIC 5 Image Processor

The Mark III has a 14-bit DIGIC 5 image processor – the same engine that’s also used in the Canon 1D X.

The only major difference between the two models is that the 1DX contains two processors while the 5D Mark III gets one.

The enhanced DIGIC 5 processor is 5x faster than the standard DIGIC 5 chip and over 17x faster than the DIGIC 4. Employing an 8-channel readout and 14-bit A/D conversion, the Mark III is able to shoot at a maximum 6fps – up from 3.9fps on the Mark II.

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Storage isn’t a problem with the Mark III sporting dual SDHC/XC and UDMA compatible CF card slots.

It’s possible to use one as an overflow for the other, to use one for stills and the other for video or even to record to both cards simultaneously.

Short Film: Incident on Marmont Avenue

The 2012 Short Film “Incident on Marmont Avenue” was shot using the Mark III.

This film is a perfect example of using tools available to almost every filmmaker, showcasing the high quality of image that the new Canon 5D Mark III can produce.

The film is based on the true story that happened at night on November 12, 2011 when police were called to the house on Marmont Ave.

This is an example highlighting the features of the DSLR camera and showing that you can realize complex project with a shooting budget less than $5.000 per day.

“The film was designed to fit a budget that many filmmakers and still photographers can afford. My team tailored our shooting schedule, equipment and techniques to be accessible to all budget levels. My goal was to show that people can get absurdly good results with a DSLR camera with a smaller price tag than they realize” says Barry Andersson from Deodand Entertainment, director and co-producer.

The Canon EOS 5D Mark III is great for a wide range of productions from reportage and corporate films to TV drama and low-budget movies.

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