Hire the ARRI Amira at Aimimage at Very Reasonable Rates!

Hire the ARRI Amira at Aimimage at Very Reasonable Rates!

The Arri Amira created quite a buzz when it was announced back in 2013.  It was to be the first Arri camera to use the outstanding Alexa sensor that will be available to smaller crews and single operator shooters.

The Amira was touted a “documentary style” camera but was it wasn’t really affordable to small productions or entry level shoots. However, Arri made one of their top-level imaging tools available to a totally new audience.

hire the ARRI Amira

The ARRI Amira is not mainly targeted at documentarists and small budget productions, but the Amira’s B4-mount capability will more likely attract many TV stations around the world.

Reasons Why You Need to Hire the ARRI Amira

The most outstanding feature of the Amira’s 2K sensor is the same one found in the Alexa and highly regarded as the king of 2K sensors in the film industry.

Nothing comes close to this sensor in terms of colour reproduction and sharpness which makes the Amira a highly

With other sensors boasting higher resolutions such as 4K or 6K, or even better bit depth like the Sony F65, Arri trounces them all with its commitment to perfection without compromising anything else.

Convenient and highly streamlined workflows making use of ultrafast CFast media cards, convenient body design, user-friendly menus, strong audio support, and an intuitive button layout, all makes the Amira a no-brainer for small production crews.

It is important to note though, that with all these features geared toward low budget productions, high end productions might prefer the Alexa for its high end functionalities.

The Amira, while it weighs half of an Alexa, is ideal for handheld shoots due to the fact that shots look more smooth and organic, and the 5 kg weight of the camera on an operator’s shoulder is easily balanced out the Amira’s ergonomic design.

News crews, documentarists, and indie movie makers will no doubt quickly warm up to the Amira, as a matter of fact, the Amira is one of the highly sought after video camera hires here at Aimimage.

Aimimage carries a wide range of professional camera equipment kit, and if you need to Hire the ARRI Amira for your next project or should you have any questions, simply call us up at 020 7391 2650. We are look forward to hearing from you.


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