Leica R Full Frame Lens Set

Leica R Full Frame Lens Set

The Leica Lenses have always been synonymous with speed, sharper image capture capabilities and all in a compact, user-friendly frame.

Always staying ahead of the curb, Aimimage and partner Ice Film are proud to have acquired the full set that ranges in size from 19mm up to 180mm. With options on size, you can hire the lens that best suits your needs.

The focus on the rotation is increased by well over 300 degrees giving your subject a fuller, more intense shot. With a revised upgrade on the main focus these lenses host a smoother bokeh, softer tones and all in a wider structure which results in beautiful, dramatic and atmospheric shots.

Leica R Full Frame Lens Set

The wide lens and super accurate focus makes the Leica Lens one of the most useful and powerful pieces of imagery capturing equipment on the market.

With a durable build that is comfortable in the hand; the capabilities are impressive and plentiful. The intense and creative texturing that comes from the images shot on a Leica Lens is evocative even on areas that are unfocused, with the added benefit of being modernised to stay in line with user requirements. Producing character and impact on screen, it is the blend of visual layers that makes this piece of equipment earn the reputation it deserves.

Leica R Full Frame Lens Set

So, by taking all aspects that work for the Leica and rehousing them in the full frame version, you get the quality and heritage of this brand with the added extra full frame.

Looking for a new, highly professional piece of equipment to film your next project? While the industry inevitably evolves and filmmakers are finding new ways to shoot motion pictures, the equipment needs to keep up with the fast paced world.

Contact the team at Aimimage to discuss available equipment and our hiring options.

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