Hire the Vaxis Storm 3000 Wireless from Aimimage

Hire the Vaxis Storm 3000 Wireless from Aimimage

The Vaxis Storm 3000 Wireless Video Transmitters and Receivers are particularly exciting for us. With state-of-the-art video transmission features that can withstand a multitude of extreme environmental conditions, we know this is one to add to the basket no matter where or what you are filming. 

So, what does the Vaxis Storm 3000 do and why is it a great choice for your tv and film production?

Hire the Vaxis Storm 3000 Wireless from Aimimage
Vaxis Storm 3000 wireless transmitters

The Vaxis Storm 3000 wirelessly broadcast signals transmitting up to 3000 feet or 1 kilometer in distance. With enhanced features and high-level technology, this increases the overall quality and sharpness of the signal; all of which is highly useful for the demands of a huge array of big productions and outdoor events including sporting events, music festivals and news reporting.

The optional 058 Vaxis monitor is a great companion similar to the legendary Transvideo ‘Clint’.

Those familiar with Teradek products will find no issues adjusting to this videolink.

Hire the Vaxis Storm 3000 Wireless from Aimimage
Vaxis Storm 3000 monitor

Regardless of your role; whether you are the director, producer or part of the production crew, if you need to see video signals from incredibly long distances, this piece of kit is superb. 

With so many devices available to hire from us, it’s yet another addition to your arsenal.  The exceptionally robust transmitter is made of metal; strong without being too hefty to carry which is always a happy bonus on set! Incredibly pertinent for live broadcasting, the entire package is durable, portable and an utterly professional piece of equipment that meets and exceeds standards. Supported with power cables, protective cases and mounts for both the receiver and the transmitter. This improved model really is a popular and reliable choice for the film industry.

Our expert and talented team are trained and available to offer advice, guidance and support to ensure you are hiring and using the correct and appropriate apparatus to get you the best possible outcome. So if you have a project and want to hire kit or need advice on which kit to use, get in touch with one of our team.

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