Ice Film furnishes Line of Duty with camera systems

Ice Film furnishes Line of Duty with camera systems

Two new series have been commissioned!

Series five of ‘Line of Duty’ has come to an end for the fifth time. However, reports suggest that the “smashing” viewing figures of series five mean that the show’s been commissioned for two more series.

BBC interviews Jed Mercurio and leading cast..

In a recent Q&A interview with the BBC, Jed Mercurio [the writer] revealed that he’d like to see the show being recommissioned for as long as viewers keep tuning in.

America want in!

Something tells us he has nothing to worry about though because not only have the viewing figures exceeded expectations, but they have also inspired an alleged remake in America.

America’s streaming plans…

The Sun announced that there are talks of ‘Line of Duty’ being remade across the pond. US broadcasters have apparently noticed the success of the police thriller and its demand on streaming platforms like Netflix that they have designs of creating their own to rival the British version.

Our thoughts…

Whether the American version of ‘Line of Duty’ becomes ‘a thing’ or not, British folk are sure to tune in because we’re a community who know how to share.

Ice Film is in association with ‘Line of Duty’.

Ice film have supplied ‘Line of Duty’ with cameras during series four. We are thrilled to have been associated with such gripping telly.

More on Ice Film…

To find out more about Ice Film and check out its featured credits click here.

The future looks bright for ‘Line of Duty’!

Although Aimimage and Ice Film understand that Line of Duty’s latest series has just ended, we cannot wait for the beginning of series six because there are still so many questions that have been left unanswered…


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