This March, we want to highlight two of the most exciting shows our partner, ice film has been collaborating with: Sky One’s In the Long Run and Bulletproof.


Bulletproof, a British show that portrays London society in a comedic and refreshing style, with the lead actors playing gritty roles as best friends and police partners all encompassed by a superbly talented cast.

Created by and starring Noel Clarke (Kidulthood, Doctor Who) and Ashley Walters (Top Boy) play a comic police duo, a trope we see on television time and time again, but with a fresh take, with a cast and stories that reflect the cosmopolitan vibrancy of London. Bulletproof revives the cop dramedy to encompass themes of intimate male friendship, or “bromance”, comedy and social issues between the police officers themselves, looking closely at the class and socio-economic dynamics between the two men. With season two shooting currently, we are excited to see how the characters and relationships develop.

In the Long Run

In the Long Run takes a look at London in the early 1980’s through the eyes of a first generation family from Sierra Leone.

Idris Elba has been expanding his creative portfolio, this time as creator for ‘In the Long Run’ – another comedy that explores social dynamics in London in 1985. Elba and Madeline Appiah lovingly portray Walter and Agnes who have made London their home for the last 13 years, until their somewhat quiet life is upturned by the arrival of their boisterous cousin, Valentine, hilariously played by the indomitable Jimmy Akingbola.

In the Long Run is a touching but side-splitting funny portrait of immigrant family life in London – supported by an all-star cast including Bill Bailey – and one that rings true for a lot of us here at aimimage and ice film. Elba has created something truly special, and this echoes throughout the entire production, for example through hiring up-and-coming talent such as Cecile Emeke (Ackee and Saltfish) to write and direct the show, or filming in locally cherished areas like Peckham (where they were seen shooting the other day). Now filming its second season, this programme about community and family in a hilarious tone is set to continue its ‘long run’.

Both projects were worked on in conjunction with aimimage‘s partners ice film, using our state-of-the-art camera and grip equipment, including Arri Alexa Mini and Cooke Anamorphic lenses for Bulletproof and the Alexa Mini and Cooke S4s for the filming of In the Long Run. Our Head of Drama engages closely with the programme’s Production team giving us a chance to really connect with the vision of the projects first hand, and as a result we feel indisputably part of the programme’s community.

Simply put, these jobs become a true labour of love for aimimage and ice film. Visually these shows are energetic, fast-paced and helps the viewer feel immersed in the time period whether modern or taking you back 35-odd years. Highly skilled, action packed, successful drams like Bulletproof and In the Long Run are not only exciting to watch but also incredibly inspiring and creative to work on.