IDK Battery Kit London Hire

IDK Battery Kit London Hire

Designed to do its work either independently or on-board, the CamWave-5HD can send uncompressed HD signals of up to 100 feet when there are walls; 150 feet when it is directly in line-of-sight. The CW-5HD is capable of full-bandwidth transmission in uncompressed SD-SDI and HD-SDI images.

IDK Battery Kit Features

There is virtually no latency over short distances to speak of since no compression is slowing down the process. No FCC license is required to operate this wireless device since it transmits in the 5.8 – 5.1 GHz frequency range. In addition, it can even encrypt high-definition transmissions.



Users of the CW-5 agree on the fact that it works best in channel 1, similar to the CW-7 series and the most ideal combination when two cameras are in use is the CW-7 and CW-7 WEVI setup as both systems operate efficiently using their optimal frequency range and with absolutely zero interference.

This remote video transmission and receiver unit is lightweight at only 2 lbs with a 12W power draw. Rugged and ergonomically designed, the IDX CW-5HD requires no external antenna but is fully capable of transmitting dual simultaneous signals.

Our camera equipment hire services in London can give you the assurance of getting world class results. We pride ourselves on a client- centred approach and we always stay ahead of the technological innovations so we can better serve our clients.

To book the IDX Camwave CW-5HD for your next production or to talk through its features, please feel free to call us at 020 7391 2650. We look forward to hearing from you.

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