In 2014 You Will Rent Professional Film Equipment – Resolution #1

In 2014 You Will Rent Professional Film Equipment – Resolution #1

In 2014 you will rent professional film equipment because, in 2014, you will finally:

A)  Push a feature film into production.

B)  Get your short shot.

C)   See those webisodes you’ve been talking about find their audience.

D)  Dust off that indie-destined screenplay and make more progress in a month than you did all of last year.

E)   Use your imagination.

In 2014, you’ll make and you’ll make well.


Rent Professional Film Equipment


And you will rent professional film equipment because you are a professional.  

With the best pro video cameras and pro lighting equipment on hand, you’ll finally do justice to that big idea you’ve been kicking around for all of 2013 (and 2012?).   Of course you will.  And you’ll have only the best to work with.  Why not?  Aimimage makes renting top quality cameras not just accessible to UK filmmakers, but doable. In need of a few cheap cameras? Sure, we can do that, just so long as you don’t mind that these “cheap cameras” are also professional cameras—leading to professional results. (That’s all we offer, frankly. Perhaps that’s why we prefer to think of them as a “low cost camera rental,” as opposed to a “cheap camera rental.”)

Professional film equipment hire is available to you at reasonable cost, whether you live in London or Manchester, Glasgow or Cardiff.

No more excuses.

We’ve got studio lighting kits, grip packages, Arri and Red EPIC hire (i.e. the greatest film and digital cameras), and comprehensive shooting packages to get the job/dream done. They’re our cameras; it’s your vision. So get to work.


In 2014 you will make and make well – with the help of Aimimage’s professional film equipment hire.

In 2014, you will rent professional film equipment.

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