Jake Gavin’s “Hector” Official Trailer Released

Jake Gavin’s “Hector” Official Trailer Released

Fresh from its EIFF nomination, Jake Gavin’s directorial debut Hector is now getting ready for a nation-wide showing with the release of its official trailer. The film will be released in UK cinemas on December 11th alongside a number of  Q and A sessions and several special benefit screenings.

A heart-warming yet, accurate telling of Britain’s homeless, Hector is played by Peter Mullan, a homeless man who sets off on his annual Christmas pilgrimage but decides to reconnect with his distant and once sheltered past. There were chance encounters with old faces, and met new ones along the way.



Marking the 56th birthday of Mullan, the release of the official trailer also signaled the distribution of the movie to UK theaters. No US release date has been set as of this time.

Aimimage is honored to have co-produced this emotional human drama touching a dire social issue of modern Britain.

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