Arri Alexa Hire – Kevin Allen’s “Y Syrcas” Shooting with Alexa

Arri Alexa Hire – Kevin Allen’s “Y Syrcas” Shooting with Alexa

Looking for an Arri Alexa hire in the UK?  Well, Welsh director Kevin Allen beat you to it.


Thankfully, Aimimage and Ice Film, which supplied Allen with the camera, has more than enough Arri Alexa to go around.  The real question is not whether or not you want an Arri Alexa on your next shoot (you do), but which Arri Alexa will suit your needs best.   All four Arri Alexa models boast 14 stops of dynamic range and a base sensitivity of EI 800, but the ALEXA XT Plus is considered the most versatile and flexible of the bunch.  On the other hand, you could certainly turn to the Arri Alexa Plus digital camera for equally dynamic workflows, not to mention exceptional image performance coupled with simplicity of operation.   And then, finally, there’s the Alexa Plus 4:3, which has similar functionality to the Alexa Plus, but features a 4:3 Super 35 sensor and the ability to switch from 16:9 sensor mode to 4:3 sensor mode.


Struggling to decide?  You can always just give us a ring and we’ll happily talk you through it.  (Arri Alexa hire done right.  Arri Alexa hire, simplified.  Arri Alexa hire for everyone!)


But enough about all the possibilities when looking at an Arri Alexa hire–we’re here to talk about Kevin Allen’s new film.




It’s a Victorian feature family drama for S4C, entitled Y Syrcas, now shooting in Tregaron, Ceredigion.  Kevin Allen’s regular cameraman, Andy Hollis, is lighting the ambitious feature, which tells the  true story al(though “legend” might be a more accurate descriptor) of Tregaron, circa 1848, when the rural, uber-religious Welsh town burst to life with the arrival of a dazzling, anarchic traveling circus.  And an elephant.  (It’s all about the elephant, no?)


Said the Twin Towns director in an interview with the BBC online: “Personally, I wasn’t familiar with the Tregaron elephant story–I think there are lots of elephants supposedly buried all over the country and it’s quite a convenient way of attracting people to the local pub!  Narratively, it’s a lovely story and the dynamic between the young girl, Sara, and her religious father works really well.”


The film is expected to screen as the key 2013 Christmas film on S4C (though it now looks like it may be pushed back a bit) and is expected to have a limited theatrical run in the UK just prior to its S4C broadcast.  Y Syrcas is produced by fFatti fFilms for S4C and will be sold internationally by Aimimage.


Needless to say, when filming with animals,  even pros like the two elephants in Y Syrcas, you’re adding an element of unpredictability to a shoot.  All the more reason to shoot with the predictably awesome Arri Alexa (and predictably awesome Arri Alexa hire, if we do say so ourselves).

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