Every now and then you watch something and wonder why no one has made a film or documentary like it before. The winner of two Broadcast Awards 2019 – Best Multi-Channel Programme and Best Single Drama, Killed By My Debt is an overwhelmingly engaging documentary that portrays the tragic side of the gig economy and payday loans leading to the tragic demise of a teenager, Jerome Rogers, a 19-year-old unable to keep control of his ever spiralling debts while working a zero-hour contract job ultimately ends in him taking his own life. This incredibly important, culturally relevant true tale grabs the audience’s attention by showing how easy it can be for a life to derail.

With Aimimage’s Managing Director in attendance at the Awards, it is a very proud moment for Aimimage and Ice Film to be associated with such a compelling and relevant documentary that truly and powerfully takes on a subject that deserves its recognition. Being honoured with 2 competitive awards, 2 featured articles written in Broadcast’s 2019 Programme detailing how the film was shot and how Jerome’s family played an integral part in the piecing together of the events and with over 2.5 million viewers and counting, this socially responsible, hour-long piece has become so prevalent in today’s society, it is clear this was a success born out of a tragic situation.

Captured stunningly using camera and lenses (the Arri Alexa Mini and Canon K35s) supplied by Aimimage’s partner company, Ice Film, the film hits all the right notes with its content by being informative, compelling yet harrowing in a modern and creative style. 

The success of this film and story of Jerome Rogers is exactly the kind of lesson that should be on every syllabus in very school in the country.

Killed By My Debt is still available to watch on BBC iplayer https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p067bmlh/killed-by-my-debt