Laowa Probe Lens: Unleash Modern Innovation

Laowa Probe Lens

Laowa Probe Lens: Unleash Modern Innovation

The Laowa Probe Lens is the epitome of modern, advanced lenses that specialise in capturing tiny creatures and showcasing their perspective. In the deep depths underwater you can capture animals such as nudibranchs, hermit crabs and anemonefish in high definition.

Features Of The Laowa Probe Lens

2:1 Macro Lens

Otherwise known as the Laowa 24mm, Laowa Probe Lens is a true macro lens that is much more powerful than the original 1:1 version. Therefore, you can reproduce objects twice their actual life size.

84 Degree Field Of View

Laowa Lens possess an 84-degree field of view which makes it a wide-angle lens ideal for shooting stunning backgrounds in a macro image. As a result, it captures a ‘bug-eye effect’ that is held in high regard by many underwater photographers.

Unique Build

This lens consists of a 40cm long barrel and an incredible 27 lens elements in 19 groups. Plus, the front of the barrel is waterproof which is perfect for top-side aquatic applications.

Despite initially being built to fit 35mm full-frame sensors and Super35 video sensors, the Laowa Probe Lens is very adaptable for a large array of cameras and mounts. It is compatible with mounts such as Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony FE and Arri PL.

The Laowa Lens also has an LED ring light at the front which can be used to brighten obscure places for expert macro photographers.

Exceptional Optics

With a maximum aperture of f/14, this might seem a little small but it’s incredibly necessary for macro shots. The Laowa Lens accessory can focus to infinity too which makes it superbly versatile. This equipment allows you to capture wide-angle video in addition to super macro shots.

24mm Macro For Underwater Video

Laowa Lens are specialised in underwater videos so you can rest assured that with every shoot you will experience eye-catching, aesthetically-pleasing results. The lenses are compatible with cinema mounts such as Canon EF mounts and Arri PL.

If you are interested in hiring the Laowa Probe Lens or would like further information about this phenomenal piece of camera equipment, do not hesitate to contact us on 0207 391 2650.

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