Leica Macrolux Diopters – Add To Your Creative Arsenal

Leica Macrolux Diopters – Add To Your Creative Arsenal

The Leica Macrolux Diopters enhance the original 1X with extra powers of 2X and 0.5X that provide a variety of options for more or less augmentation.

This allows compatibility with the 95mm front filter thread diameter and allows all lenses to fit in the Leica cine range as well as alternative lenses with a standard gauge like the Master Anamorphics or Ultraprimes. All of which do not require supplementary adaptors. As a result, you can achieve high-quality close-up shots.

Other Features of the Leica Macrolux Diopters

When hiring the Leica Macrolux Diopters you will also have access to other features such as its stackability. Therefore, you can accomplish the macro look of any focal length you desire, instead of being restricted to a single specific macro lens.

The diopters can be used on wide-angle lenses too, so the background can be thrown out of focus during narrower apertures. This is a feature that was previously limited by the chromatic aberration that other diopters brought about on wide-angle lenses.

This version of the Macrolux Diopters is phenomenal for transforming telephoto lenses into powerful macro lenses while maintaining clean and beautiful images.

Furthermore, in the past diopters have been challenging to work with due to their complex set-up. However, every piece of the Leica Macrolux Diopter fits together perfectly, where the mattebox fits easily onto the MacroLux and the Macrolux seamlessly fits on the lens. It is also easy to detach the diopters from the lens while at the same time being very solid when attached.

If you are interested in hiring the Leica Macrolux Diopters, give us a call on 0207 391 2650 or send us an email at hire@aimimage.com. We will be happy to explain the features of this high-quality piece of equipment in further detail. Besides, providing our expert advice on whether these diopters are suitable for your next project.
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