Lights, Camera, Action… Sounds Simple Enough, Right?

Lights, Camera, Action… Sounds Simple Enough, Right?

With technology continually changing there is always new and exciting ways to create moving imagery for short films, movies, music videos, and TV shows.

As a viewer, we have been spoilt with how we are fully immersed into the action on screen – suspending our disbelief has never been so easy to do.

We at AIMIMAGE are proud to be on the pulse when it comes to the Cameras and Lens we use for our projects.

Camera and Lens

With our knowledge, expertise and Camera and Lens range, we can bring to life the vision of the project because we know we are using the best equipment to get the best results. 

Using camera brands Arri Digital, Sony, Canon, Blackmagic/Go Pro and Red Cinema – all with an incredible reputation and all used for different ways of capturing imagery.

camera and lens rental

With varying sizes and focuses you can find the right camera for your unique, classic, modern or traditional style.

With the same brands as the Cameras, our Lens are equally at the top of their game, with Zoom, 16mm Ultra Prime and Shift & Tilt Lenses to create beautiful continuous motion and focus with the highest of quality

We truly have state-of-the-art Camera and Lens that work to your specifications whether you are using them for professional or recreational purposes.

We hire out, sell and use a variety of equipment that is to industry standard, meaning we have the right accessories to bring your creativity to life.

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