LITEPANEL’S SOLAR 6 Rental Kit Available at Aimimage

LITEPANEL’S SOLAR 6 Rental Kit Available at Aimimage

Why hire the Solar 6 rental kit?

The Solar 6 hire kit, a Fresnel soft light fixture offering the best of what LED technology has to offer, is now available at Aimimage.

Providing the highest degree of control and light-shaping capabilities of a Fresnel light while needing only a fraction of the well-loved features of conventional Fresnel fixtures, the Solar 6 rental kit delivers Litepanel’s venerated full-spectrum quality light.

One of the best features of the Solar 6 is its low power draw in relation to its high lumen output. That’s a big reduction in power consumption.

solar 6 rental

Various versions of the Sola light series can be powered off using a single outlet or even a battery. This eliminates the need for those bulky and noisy generators.

A good number of Anton Bauer accessories can work well with the Solar’s DC power inputs, and with the low power draw, a Dionic HCX or Dionic HC can easily power the other smaller LED lights for a good number of hours.

The Solar 6 rental kit: More features 

  • A trusted Fresnel fixture the delivers soft, directional illumination
  • One of the safest lighting equipment available with its no-heat LED technology
  • High quality, dependable 6 ‘ Fresnel lens
  • Energy efficient and long lasting bulb life can help hold down production costs particularly with typical studio set ups
  • Daylight colour temperature capability with no restrike period or external ballast needed
  • AC/DC universal power supply allows a high degree of portability in any location
  • Remote control capability using DMX 512 protocol with on board DMX module
  • Seamless colour shifting when dimming from 100% to 0
  • Focus control (from 67 degrees to 15 degrees using DMX or on-fixture dial
  • Extremely durable, yet lightweight housing
  • Comes with a standard yoke the allows effortless mounting and positioning
  • Ideal for use with the Sola 4 Fresnel
  • A 104W draw light output easily matches a 200 HMI output

The highly versatile Solar 6 rental kit is perfect for various applications; from broadcast studios, event lighting, location lighting, to chroma keys and still photography.

This light also works best for documentaries that require good and instant interview lighting or for DP’s in need of accent and kick light.

For indoor shoots, such as in an apartment, business, or home that is unable to support high-wattage lighting, there is no longer a need to worry about neither destroying power outlets nor blowing fuses.

In addition, the Solar 6 is much more resistant and durable to impact damage because it’s using LED light sources against conventional filament based lights.

To book the Solar 6 rental kit or any of our listed lighting equipment hire, please feel free to drop us a line at 020 7391 2650.

Aimimage is a trusted UK camera equipment hire offering a wide range of filming and broadcast equipment hire kits to independent and high budget productions alike.


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