London Camera Hire for Jack Bauer — All You Need Know About 24: Live Another Day

London Camera Hire for Jack Bauer — All You Need Know About 24: Live Another Day

(24’s London camera hire isn’t even the half of it.)


Hear that?  That digital tick-tocking, beep-beeping.

That’s Bauer.  

May 5th, 2014.  Less than a month out.  Jack is back.  In real-time, Greenwich Mean Time.  You clutched your pearls during the teaser.  Now take a seat and watch the trailer, watch and wait for our man in exile’s return.  This time, believe it or not, Jack’s got just 12 hours to save the world–and London–meaning you’ve got just 12 hours to appreciate the man, the myth, the legend in all his real-time glory.



Things move pretty fast around here and, yes, Aimimage can take some credit in that department, having provided the London camera hire during the show’s shoot (all of which was on location in the city).  In fact, before we go any further, we’ve got a London-heavy featurette we have to share:


“You can point the [Aimimage!] camera anywhere and it’s great.”


London back-alleys.  Over a dozen explosions in the first two episodes.  The series begins, opening shot, with Jack running.  There’s a lot to look forward to here.  And a lot to miss, again, once it’s gone. 12 episodes.  Then Jack Bauer haunts our TV screens no more.

But at least we’ll always have May 5th.  Indeed, everyone will be watching on May 5th, the UK and USA simultaneously.  FOX has decided to release the beast on both sides of the Atlantic on the selfsame day and hour–perhaps having observed an illegal download or two after the BBC’s Sherlock delays.  The US sits down for the Live Another Day premiere at 9 pm, while the UK is up for one sleepless Tuesday night, as the show’s back-to-back episodes air on Sky1 at 1am before the show moves to Wednesdays.




In case you didn’t notice, but how you not notice, Jack’s every line in that trailer is gold.

You know who I am.  Trigger an alarm and I’m blowing your head off.

But do they, does anyone, know Jack Bauer?  No one better than his fans, that’s for sure.  That arch scowl, that voice of gravel.  The tan, despite his having lived in the shadows.  He is a man who cannot not.  He cannot stop.  He cannot not save.  And who, this time, is in need of saving?  The American president, of course!  But, no.  IT’S BIGGER THAN THE PRESIDENT.  God bless 24.

More featurettes here.


London Camera Hire Live Another Day 24


Aimimage, immensely proud to have provided London camera hire to Jack Bauer, Chloe, and their 24 team.

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