Looking to Hire the Aaton Penelope? Get it at Aimimage

Looking to Hire the Aaton Penelope? Get it at Aimimage

Known for its innovative design and features, the Aaton Penelope is an impressive piece of machinery. It sports an all new viewfinder system that provides bright and vivid peripheral coverage.`

Penelope is the first 35mm camera to feature a progressive scan video-tap, offering twice the resolution compared to other taps when the camera is rolling. The integrated tap design transmits data connection via a USB port. This can yield an image containing a JPEG captured from the videotap along with metadata information.

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Aaton cameras have always been marvels of comfortable utility and premium design.  It is the world’s first camera designed from the ground up as a switchable 2-perf or 3-perf shooting solution.

The Penelope top handle can be utilized to carry or handle the camera. It also includes the camera pitch control key, the shutter angle adjustment tool, the gate removing tool and the handle removing Allen key. You can easily install its accessories on the camera viewfinder.

Penelope is an epitome of all the features camera operators and rental companies are looking for. The machines adapt to the cinematographer’s needs, rather than requiring the operator to work around the tool.

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Film: The Fighter

The Fighter, directed by David O’Russell, is a film inspired by the life of boxer “Irish” Micky Ward. The production considered shooting on digital, 16mm and 3-perf with various cameras but ultimately decided to use Penelope because of the 2-perf cost savings and the easy handheld capacity.

Ultimately, The Fighter loses its courage and betrays the terms of its own story by fashioning an interpretation designed to please the people it portrays. It does a switch on us, by changing its focus from Micky’s character to Micky’s career and then pretending it was really about the career all along.

Our Camera Kit Hire Services in the UK provides you the assurance of getting outstanding and high quality results. We pride ourselves on a client centred approach and we always stay ahead of the technological innovations so we can better serve our clients.

To book the Aaton Penelope for your next production or to talk through its features, please feel free to call us at 020 7391 2650. We are look forward to hearing from you.

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