Man Down Series 2

Man Down Series 2

Man Down is a hilarious sitcom that first aired in 2013 on Channel 4. Acclaimed stand-up comic Greg Davies (known as Mr. Gilbert in The Inbetweeners and a BAFTA nominee for his lead role in Cuckoo) plays a childish idiot dealing with real world, adult problems.

He is beset with crushing character flaws, but the fact that he has a dysfunctional circle of friends, a not so enjoyable teaching career and crazy prankster for a dad won’t make life any easier for Dan, or would it?

Man Down

Season 1 started off with Dan nearly at his rope’s end; Naomi (Deirdre Mullins), his girlfriend, is set to leave him because of his simple mindedness. His best friends, Jo (Roisin Conaty) is not a life coach either, and Brian (Mike Wozniak) a financial adviser who is constantly amazed with the two’s simpleton ways.

At school, things get a lot harder as he begrudgingly teaches varying versions of the same lesson every single day.

His father was played by veteran comedian Rik Mayall, who passed away in June just when the script for season 2 was getting drafted. Mayall’s death had become an inspiration for Davies and everyone involved in the production to make the show better than ever.

Plans to write off Mayall’s death in the show is underway as they find replacing his character an impossible task. Nevertheless, Davies promises another fun-filled season, and to expect the next season to be “more bonkers than ever.”

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