Catch The Final Series of Mr. Selfridge

Catch The Final Series of Mr. Selfridge


Mr. Selfridge is already in its fourth and final series and is set nearly 10 years after the events of series 3.

The last episodes of this highly successful period drama starts out entirely across Roaring Twenties London, the city that saw the actual rise and fall of the man.

Check out the trailer for the first episode of series 3.

The entire series was shot in the London boroughs of Camden, Lambeth, Haringey, Islington, and Southwark. Karen Everett, head of the organization managing the film office on behalf these cities,  expressed her delight with how the show was able to successfully capture “a captivating period of London’s past” with lavishly accurate costumes and sets, “and met with a storyline adapted from fact”.

Everett adds that Londoners who still frequent the store today have been very supportive of the show, particularly during the filming process.

Here are some notable spots the Mr. Selfridge production crew used as location:

  • In May, 2015, St. Martin’s Theatre in Camden was turned into Victor Colleano’s favorite nightspot
  • The Ainsworth Estate and Alexandra in Camden were the setting for the underground garages along Rowley Way.
  • A violent flashback scene was filmed along Denmark Street, Stacey Street, Filcroft, and New Compton Street.
  • Some scenes were shot in Stockwell Park Crescent in Lamberth in March, 2015.
  • More scenes shot on the Southwark Bridge, Southwark Street, in Southwark’s Menier Gallery, and on Redcross Way.
  • An important scene was shot in Charterhouse Street in Islington.

Ms. Everett shares that the final series opens right at the pinnacle of Mr. Selfridge‘s career, and adds that Harry’s gambling problem and his liaisons with the Dolly sisters did happen, which are elements of a truly awe-inspiring, wonderful story.

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