Mr. Selfridge

Mr. Selfridge

Set in London during the early 1900’s, American retail magnate Harry Gordon Selfridge arrives and turns British traditions down on its head by building Selfridges, the grandest department store in the whole world.

Multi-Emmy award winning actor Jeremy Piven, fresh from his brilliant portrayal of Arri Gold, a flamboyant Hollywood agent in HBO’s Entourage, plays Harry Selfridge, an equally flashy businessman with a flair for showmanship. He makes it his mission to provide the shoppers of London merchandise like no other and an experience they will never forget.

Written by prized, Emmy Award winner Andrew Davies, Mr. Selfridge is an intriguing story of extravagance and excitement in Selfridges and the story of the man who built it. Within the walls of the world famous shop, ambition, desire, and appetite collide not only for Harry, but for his family, staff, and the countless women drawn to the establishment and its owner.

Based on Lindy Woodhead’s biography, the story also recounts the time when women in London were beginning to enjoy a constantly increasing level of freedom and how they exercised their new found joy.

Co-produced by ITV Studios, the first series aired on ITV in January, 2013. In the US, the pilot episode was aired March 30th, 2013 on PBS. Now in its third series, Jeremy Pivens has revealed that cameras will start rolling again for the fourth series.

From the house built to replicate Selfridges’ lavish interior, to its exterior recreated in the Historic Dockyard Chatham located in Kent, to the decommissioned Aldwych tube station chosen to shoot Rose Selfridge as she travels the London Underground, Ice Film has been chosen to provide the cameras that will do justice to the authentic feel of the lavish set frame by frame.

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