Nahid – A Thought-Provoking Film Captured Using the Arri Alexa

Nahid – A Thought-Provoking Film Captured Using the Arri Alexa

Never mind the fact that this film tackles a controversial subject. Forget about the fact that this film was awarded a special prize at this year’s Cannes festival. Don’t even think for a moment that this film is a debut offering of director Ida Panandeh.

Now, picture a romantic, Middle-eastern story hindered by archaic laws, religious dogma, and a mother’s affection towards her only son, all set in a backdrop of a humid, and very soggy Iranian village.


Welcome to the story of Nahid, a recently divorced mother of a rebellious teenager. She eventually meets someone who can apparently take her out from the economic s. However, Iranian law would forbid her to keep her son if she is to remarry.

Cinematographer Morteza Gheida chose the Arri Alexa and the ProRes 2K format as it can easily manage the many scenes and lighting conditions on the set.

 From the cold and grimy scenes taken from Nahid and her mother’s home, to the more colorful, lively, and warm ambience of Massoud’s scenes (Nahid’s lover), and taking into account the realism needed to be portrayed in the film, the Arri Alexa has proven itself many times over.

The Arri Alexa is the choice of many directors and cinematographers, independent or otherwise, as it is highly dependable and can deliver that desired cinematic look and awesome dynamic range.

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