Laowa Nanomorph Lenses: Compact Anamorphics That Make a Big Statement

Nanomorph Lenses

Laowa Nanomorph Lenses: Compact Anamorphics That Make a Big Statement

The Laowa Nanomorph 1.5x Anamorphic lenses are the perfect combination of innovative design and high-quality optics. These diminutive lenses are incredibly compact and extremely lightweight, enabling you to take your cinematography to the next level.

The lenses are available in 3 focal lengths, 27, 35, and 50mm, and they come in a variety of interchangeable mounts, each of which produces three distinctly coloured anamorphic lens flares.

To squeeze all this innovation into a compact design required a fair amount of consideration, but Nanomorph has mastered it. They created a unique design of anamorphic optics, placing them within the lens itself can lead to unwanted visual artefacts, as the change in squeeze ratio is eliminated as you pull focus. However, the Laowa Nanomorph lenses are actually able to focus closer than most other lenses, as the squeeze ratio remains unchanged throughout the focus range.

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Laowa Nanomorph Lenses: Compact Anamorphics That Make a Big Statement 2

The Nanomorph lenses allow you to feature a 1.5x squeeze which means you can capture an image with a 2:66:1 aspect ratio on your camera, with a 16:9 sensor. Furthermore, the 1.5x squeeze provides for strong, oval-shaped, out-of-focus highlights and cinematic bokeh.

One of the Nanomorph Anamorphic’s most identifiable features is its distinct, signature lens flare or streak. Traditionally, this flare is blue in colour and it is often extremely noticeable. For that reason, filmmakers try to find a way to utilise this blue streak, to set the mood. However, it can be a distraction in some cases. 

Laowa has come up with a solution to that distraction, they have created 3 sets of lenses: blue, amber and silver. The blue lenses maintain the traditional blue streak, however, the amber lenses create an amber streak which is better suited to period pieces and warmer scenes, and the silver lenses have a neutral flare, so they take on the colour of the light source causing the flare – meaning you can create the signature anamorphic streak in new colours. 

Furthermore, the Laowa Nanaomorph Anamorphic lenses are compatible with mounts galore, seven to be precise, with five of those working with mirrorless cameras (M43, Canon RF, Sony E, Leica L mount, DJI DL, Nikon K and Fuji X) so you can switch between cameras by simply changing the mount.

So, which set of the Laowa Nanomorph Anamorphic lenses appeals to you? Blue, amber or silver. Why not try all three if you can’t decide? Get in touch to enquire about hiring these impressive lens sets.

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