NASA uses the RED Epic Dragon – and the pictures are amazing.

NASA uses the RED Epic Dragon – and the pictures are amazing.

NASA is using the RED Epic Dragon – this journey began in January when RED announced that it has signed the Space Act Agreement with NASA.

This agreement allows NASA to partner with third parties in order to access a wider range of technologies that is currently not available to them. Even back in 2007, RED has worked with NASA in capturing various launches of rockets and shuttles using the 4K RED ONE. Now, with this new agreement, NASA is using the RED Epic Dragon 6K Sensor at the International Space Station, capturing some amazing footage. Because of its ability to capture 300 frames per second at high resolution, it is the ideal camera to capture dynamic moments near the ISS.

In a video released by NASA earlier this month, NASA is using the RED Epic Dragon to capture Terry Virts, an astronaut, who was extracting balls of water floating in the air. He then inserts an effervescent tablet into the water and watched it dissolve and release gasses in mid air. NASA’s program manager, Rodney Grubbs has said that the video’s high resolution and detail makes it very dynamic.

NASA’s camera upgrade means viewers back on earth can see more of the life in the outer space. We can view finer details of the clouds hovering above earth, or every ounce of floating water bubbles. The slow motion recording will also let viewers see every detail of fast moving events, and sharp, detailed images mean we can see more of the outcome of experiments. Ideally, you would want to watch these videos in a screen that also features 4k resolution to see the full effect. But nonetheless, the image quality still exceeds that of standard cameras.

NASA is also now looking into how useful the RED cameras can be in science and vehicle tracking at the Marshall Flight Center. Don’t be surprised if they announce the availability of 4K videos in those operations as well.

NASA is using the RED Epic Dragon – and they are not alone: the RED camera has also been used in major films such as The Hobbit, so if you are interested to rent one, call us at Aim Image today.

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