Oconnor Ultimate 2060 Head Rental London


If you need an OConnor ultimate 2060 head rental in London, search no further than Aimimage. We offer an OConnor head that was specially designed to support HD cameras. This stunning piece of equipment provides improved pan and tilt dampening.

To capture images at higher resolution, essential details such as makeup, lighting and sets must be considered. The ultimate 2060 is a smooth fluid head that is capable of supporting camera payloads up to 37.7kg. 

The OConnor 2060 consists of all the crucial production-grade features like dual adjustable pan arms, an assistant’s box, finder extensions, threaded connection points, an interchangeable base and an interchangeable top stage.

Why Rent An OConnor Ultimate 2060 Head in London?

When you rent an OConnor ultimate 2060 head in London you will experience a phenomenal piece of camera equipment for your shots. The OConnor head is renowned for its step-less fluid drag which ensures precise movement at any level of friction.

At Aimimage, all the OConnor 2060 heads that we offer come with MOY fittings. However, for extra specification, we can provide you with a 150mm bowl adapter upon request.

When you rent an OConnor ultimate head from us will also receive a range of other kit such as a sliding plate, pan handle, locking handle and respective ¼ and ⅜ tripod screws. Not to mention, other accessories like a flight case, Allen key, Ronford Eyepiece leveller, MOY Tiedown, 3-part eyepiece leveller, MOY tripod head and a MOY base adapter.

Some other features include a weight of 7.3kg, a vertical tilt range of 90 degrees and both short and tall legs with every rental.

Get in Touch for Advice

If you are interested in OConnor ultimate 2060 head rental in London, call us on 0207 391 2650 or send us an email at hire@aimimage.com. We will be happy to explain the advantages of renting this piece of camera equipment in further detail and provide our specialist advice on whether this equipment is appropriate for you. Our experience is vast and we have supplied OConnor heads to many different professionals and freelancers.