Oconnor Ultimate 2575 Head Rental in London


With its famous features, the Oconnor Ultimate 2575 fluid head has become the standard for film production. The head includes Oconnor’s patented sinusoidal counterbalance system for true, accurate balance at any point throughout the tilt range.

As the next generation head of the highly successful 2575 series, this particular model retains a large number of features and functions from older heads, whilst offering newer features too.

Why Rent An Oconnor Ultimate 2575 Head in London?

Renting the Oconnor Ultimate 2575 in London offers a great range of benefits over purchasing. It can be cost-effective, particularly if you only need it for a small amount of time, you can simply rent for the day and hand it back when you’re done.

Renting the Oconnor Ultimate 2575 in London also means we take responsibility for the cleaning, maintenance and storage of the kit. You can be confident that the product will be well looked after and will work exceptionally. Once you are finished shooting you can return the product, instead of having to find room to house all your kit.

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