The Panasonic AJ-HDX900E is more than amply equipped to rise up to challenge as HD broadcasting and production continue to expand around the world.

This camera recorder utilizes the DVCPRO format for it’s tried and tested reliability and track record in the broadcast industry.

Content exchange and collaboration are critical in cable shows, sports production and reality TV – and with Panasonic AJ-HDx900E embracing the DVCPRO HD format, rich audio and original image integrity of these TV programs can be easily preserved.

Able to support 25p, 24p, 720p, and 1020i, the AJ-HDX900E is an indispensable tool in long-form high definition programming and digital cinematography in any format, be it for news documentaries, sports, events, and feature crews.


The Panasonic AJ-HDX900E is the first shoulder-mounted camcorder to support IEEE digital output, allowing quick and hassle-free linking with IT systems and hard disc recorders.

This also boasts compatibility with the recently-introduced Remote Control Unit for added functionality and flexibility.

It is surprising that with all these high-end features and capabilities mentioned, the AJ-HDX900E is available at a very affordable price range. As if this is not enough good news, Panasonic has released the AJ-HD1400 Digital HD compact camcorder, meant to complement the AJ-HDX900E. Clearly, with these high-performance equipments, Panasonic is offering high-quality, all-around HD production hardware costing as much as an SD production.

Dynamic Range Stretching
Further improving the auto knee feature, the DRS feature takes into account the average highlight brightness and shadow areas and self-adjusts the aperture and makes use of knee control to cancel blown highlights in shadow spots.

In takes where dark and light areas are mixed (E.g., moving from outdoors to indoors), DRS automatically sets an extensive dynamic range with limited blown highlights and/or blocked shadows without having to adjust the camera for each lighting condition.

14-bit Conversion System
As an upgrade from the standard 12-bit system, Panasonic came up with the AJ-HDX900 using a 14-bit digital conversion.

A new, high-performance DSP circuit has been integrated into the camcorder, allowing detailed color adjustments in exact colour regions. The “Skin Detail” function provides superior image fine tuning.

Digital Super Gain
A handy, pushbutton feature, this super gain feature allows gain up to +36 dB max and with an extra +20 dB gain when in cumulative mode.

Virtually noise-free, digital super gain is capable of preserving image quality far better than the conventional gain adjustment.

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