The AJ-HPM100 Recorder is Panasonic’s new portable P2 mobile recorder. It offers operational efficiency and unprecedented mobility in news gathering, program production, and program recording.

The AJ-HPM100 retains the basic design of the widely successful DVCPRO Laptop Editors and incorporates the capabilities of an HD/SD card recorder with an editing controller, stereo speakers, and a 9-inch, Liquid Crystal Display screen in a rugged, compact design.

Able to handle all tasks from viewing video, playlist editing, choosing clips to be played, to performing basic editing, the AJ-HPM100 is ideal for news reporting.

It is also perfect for location shooting since transferring clips from P2 cards to disk is so easy.


The extremely light P2 card can store 8 GB of data, and can execute data transfers at speeds of up to 640 Mbps.

The P2 card is totally reliable and is highly resistant to impact, drastic changes in temperature, and can withstand vibration due to the fact that it has no moving parts.

Highly economical, the P2 card can be reused many times, thus minimizing its environmental impact as well.

The AJ-HPM100 can accommodate six 8GB P2 cards that can store recordings of up to 48 minutes of HD quality content. It can play a continuous and steady stream of continuous, extended clip previously recorded in sequence right into the six P2 cards.

Weighing no heavier than 14 pounds, the AJ-HPM100 is just about the size of a briefcase. A magnesium die-cast frame and rugged casing makes it very durable for field broadcast use.

The metal handle of the AJ-HPM100 allows easy carrying, and with its small size, can be easily carried aboard a plane with nary a fuss.

The AJ-HPM100 can record and playback in 1080i and 720p formats with the help of the DVCPRO High Definition codec.

The recorder also supports all HD broadcasting formats currently in use over the world. It can capture and playback images in SD, and supports both PAL (576) and NTSC (480i) systems.

The recorder can also shoot and playback in DV, DVCPRO50, and DVCPRO.

Equipped with a jog/shuttle dial, the AJ-HPM100 can perform shuttle searches with speeds at 100x normal, both ways, and do jog searches at -1 to +1 speed.

Audio monitoring can be performed up to 10x speed. The AJ-HPM 100 is such a multi-functional device that it functions as an audio mixes as well with it’s oversized audio fader levers.

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