‘Planet Earth II’ Used Red Epic Dragon Camera

‘Planet Earth II’ Used Red Epic Dragon Camera

Planet Earth II featured shots recorded by an Red Epic Dragon Camera.

Planet Earth II was “made possible” because of the wonderful presence of Sir David Attenborough, the variety of stunning animals and locations along with the use of an Red Epic Dragon camera.

With its 5K sensor, able to capture 1-120 frames p/s at full resolution, the Red Epic Dragon camera looks like a DSLR. It is packed with state-of-the-art features that allows for elite photography and unrivalled cinema capability…

Filming animals in their natural habitat, as Planet Earth II does, usually proves challenging where light is concerned… However, the Epic Red Dragon makes it easy to adapt the lighting aperture, reaching 18 stops of dynamic range with HDRx.

In a recent article published by WIRED, it states that the production team “favored the Red Epic Dragon because it shoots 6K footage, works in even the worst conditions, and weighs just 5 pounds without a lens.”

BBC’s ‘Planet Earth’ series are renowned for their breathtaking imagery and CGI-esque footage, so the Red Epic Dragon camera makes for the perfect choice.

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