Hire Canon Cine Servo Zooms

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Canon Cine Servo Zooms are the perfect example of professional-standard camera lenses. So at Aimimage, we are excited to hire these out to freelancers and videographers in the film industry. It doesn’t matter if you would like to try cine zoom, cine primes or cine servos we can provide an immaculate version to you.

Apart from displaying gorgeous visuals and outstanding optics, canon zooms are durable and sustainable which make them an ideal long-term option.

Not to mention, with canon cine servo zoom hire we offer a plethora of choices. In addition to the lenses mentioned, you can have access to compact cine servo as well as CN7, CN10 and CN20 lenses. All of which differ in their specialisms and suitability for various scenes.

For example, the CN7’s are amazing for recording scenes with high mobility, whereas the CN10’s are superior for capturing 4k optics from long range. Then you have the CN20 lenses that thrive when filming sports events and wildlife.

Whatever the purpose of your filming is, we have the best lenses for you.

Why Hire Canon Cine Servo Zooms?

These lenses are phenomenal for cinematography but why hire canon cine servo zooms? Here are a few reasons:

  • By hiring equipment you can experiment with high-quality lenses for specific work, instead of making a large investment and buying them.
  • All the maintenance and cleaning of lenses are taken care of, we ensure that products from us are always in impeccable condition.
  • As soon as you are done with a project, you don’t need to worry about the next time you are going to use the lenses again. Rather, you give them back to us and place your energy into thinking about your next line of work.

If you choose to hire Canon Cine Servo Zooms you are guaranteed quality and the guidance to go with it. We want to provide the best service possible and be part of your filming success by providing you with the right equipment.