The SONY AXS-R7 RAW Recorder is a cutting-edge device designed to complement Sony’s high-end cinema cameras, offering exceptional RAW recording capabilities and expanding the creative possibilities for professional filmmakers. With its advanced features and robust construction, this recorder delivers unparalleled image quality and flexibility in post-production.

Sony AXS-R7 Raw Recorder for hire or rental in London, Birmingham, and Manchester.

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Key Features:

  1. RAW Recording: The AXS-R7 RAW Recorder enables seamless RAW recording with Sony’s high-performance cinema cameras, such as the F55 and F5. It captures pristine, unprocessed RAW footage, preserving every detail and providing maximum flexibility in post-production for color grading, VFX, and other image manipulation processes.
  2. High-Speed Data Transfer: Equipped with the latest AXSM™ memory card technology, the AXS-R7 enables high-speed data transfer, allowing for efficient and reliable recording of RAW footage. This ensures that you can capture high-resolution content without worrying about data bottlenecks.
  3. High-Quality Image Output: The AXS-R7 delivers exceptional image quality, thanks to its advanced signal processing and support for high-bit-rate recording formats. It enables you to capture footage with stunning detail, exceptional color accuracy, and a wide dynamic range, providing the foundation for captivating visual storytelling.
  4. Extended Recording Times: With the AXS-R7, you can record for extended periods without interruption. Its high-capacity AXSM™ memory cards offer ample storage space, allowing for longer recording times, which is crucial for continuous shooting or capturing extended takes.
  5. Flexible Workflow Options: The RAW files recorded by the AXS-R7 can be easily integrated into various post-production workflows. The recorder supports popular industry-standard formats, such as Sony’s own X-OCN and Apple ProRes, providing flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of editing and grading systems.
  6. Robust and Reliable Build: The AXS-R7 is built to withstand the demands of professional filmmaking. Its rugged construction and high-quality components ensure durability and reliability, even in challenging shooting environments. This robust build quality gives filmmakers the confidence to push the boundaries and capture their vision in any situation.
  7. Easy Integration: Designed to seamlessly integrate with Sony’s cinema cameras, the AXS-R7 can be easily attached and detached without disrupting the shooting process. Its compact and lightweight design minimizes the impact on the camera’s overall size and weight, allowing for effortless mobility and flexibility in various shooting setups.
  8. Versatile Monitoring Options: The AXS-R7 offers multiple monitoring options, including an intuitive OLED display and comprehensive status indicators, providing real-time information about recording status, remaining storage capacity, and other essential parameters. This allows for quick and accurate monitoring of the recording process.
  9. Enhanced Post-Production Control: The AXS-R7, in conjunction with Sony’s RAW Viewer software, provides advanced control over RAW footage during post-production. This powerful combination enables precise manipulation of color, exposure, and other image attributes, allowing for fine-tuning and creative exploration to achieve the desired look and feel.

The SONY AXS-R7 RAW Recorder is an indispensable tool for professional filmmakers seeking the highest image quality and flexibility in RAW recording. With its advanced features, seamless integration, and robust construction, this recorder empowers cinematographers to unleash their creativity, capture stunning visuals, and bring their artistic vision to life. Elevate your filmmaking with the SONY AXS-R7 RAW Recorder and unlock new dimensions of cinematic storytelling.