Sony PXW-FX9 Camera Hire

The World’s Most Advanced Live Production switcher

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The Sony Pxw-fx9 is a phenomenal camera that specialises in capturing beautiful 4k imagery. Here at Aimimage, we are proud to be able to offer the hire of such luxurious equipment to freelancers and various professionals in the film industry. 

Besides being a successor to the renowned PXW-FS7, the Sony Pxw-fx9 has new features such as image quality improvement at S35 2K mode, eye-AF capability and FHD 180fps shooting. Not to mention, other amazing upgrades like the increased upper limit of gain setting, DCI 4K recording and support touch screen operation.

From a practical standpoint, hiring a Sony Pxw-fx9 camera is ideal for recording sports where you can transition from slow smooth focus movements to capturing fast-paced action. This includes the capability of easily alternating from one subject to another by adjusting the AF subject shift sensitivity.

Why Hire A Sony Pxw-fx9 Camera?

Apart from the obvious advantages of using a high-quality piece of equipment, there are distinct benefits of Sony Pxw-fx9 camera hire rather than purchase. Here are some examples:

  • You can save money in the short term, the body of this camera alone can cost over 10,000 pounds which is a massive investment that should not be taken lightly. Are you going to justify your money spent?
  • Do not underestimate trying before you buy. Technically, the Sony Pxw-fx9 is incredible but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it will suit your style of recording. By hiring, you get a chance to feel if you and the camera are a good fit.
  • It might not be needed in every situation. As mentioned the Sony Pxw-fx9 is brilliant for recording sports, however, what if you mainly film soap operas or wildlife? In this case, you would be better off hiring the camera for a short period and then returning it.

Get in touch if you would like to hire the Sony Pxw-fx9 and we can provide you with one that is in impeccable condition.