The Sony VENICE 2 is a cutting-edge cinema camera that pushes the boundaries of image capture and creative expression. Engineered with meticulous attention to detail and advanced technology, this camera delivers exceptional image quality, versatility, and flexibility to meet the demands of professional filmmakers.



Key Features:

  1. High-Resolution Imaging: The VENICE 2 boasts a full-frame 6K sensor, offering stunning image quality with exceptional detail, dynamic range, and low noise. It allows filmmakers to capture breathtaking visuals with rich colours and remarkable clarity, bringing their artistic vision to life.
  2. Advanced Colour Science: With Sony’s renowned colour science expertise, the VENICE 2 delivers accurate and vibrant colours that faithfully reproduce the intended look. It provides filmmakers with extensive colour control options, enabling precise colour grading and achieving the desired visual aesthetics.
  3. Expanded Dynamic Range: The camera’s wide dynamic range of up to 15 stops allows for capturing both shadow and highlight details, ensuring exceptional tonal range and preserving critical image information. This enables filmmakers to achieve cinematic results with nuanced gradations and superior highlight handling.
  4. Versatile Recording Formats: The VENICE 2 supports a range of recording formats, including X-OCN (XAVC extended) and Apple ProRes RAW, providing flexibility for various post-production workflows. Filmmakers can choose the format that best suits their creative requirements, whether it’s for high-quality cinematic releases or efficient file sizes for faster turnaround times.
  5. High-Speed Capture: With the VENICE 2, filmmakers can shoot at up to 90 frames per second at 6K resolution or up to 120 frames per second at 4K resolution. This high-speed capture capability enables capturing captivating slow-motion sequences and fast-action scenes with exceptional clarity and detail.
  6. Built for Versatility: The camera offers an interchangeable lens mount system, allowing filmmakers to use a wide range of lenses to achieve their desired visual style. It is compatible with PL, E-mount, and LPL mount, providing flexibility and compatibility with a variety of lens options.
  7. Reliable and Ergonomic Design: The VENICE 2 features a robust and weather-resistant build, ensuring its durability and performance even in demanding shooting conditions. Its ergonomic design provides comfortable handling and intuitive control, enabling filmmakers to focus on their creative vision without any distractions.
  8. Enhanced Workflow Efficiency: The camera supports various recording media, including AXSM memory cards and SxS PRO+ cards, offering versatile options for data storage. Additionally, it features advanced connectivity options like Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and built-in ND filters, streamlining the production workflow and enhancing operational efficiency.

The Sony VENICE 2 is a powerhouse cinema camera that empowers filmmakers with its exceptional image quality, versatile recording capabilities, and reliable performance. With its advanced features, creative flexibility, and user-friendly design, the VENICE 2 is the ultimate tool for capturing stunning visuals and bringing cinematic visions to life.