The Genie Jib is a lightweight MiniJib that can be extended by a sliding lock off system.


The Genie Jib is equipped with a 100 mm bowl adapter that can be used straight up and upside down. The pan movement of the Genie Jib can be locked off. With a maximum load of 20 Kg in combination with the longest length of the arm you require a maximum counter weight of 35 kg.

Operational length: 136,5 cm / 4,5 ft
Maximum load: 20 kg / 44,1 lbs
Transport length: 115 cm / 3,8 ft
Weight: 10 kg / 22,0 lbs

It can be mounted on a tripod or on a bazooka riser. When mounted on the bazooka, the jib can be used for a combination tracking-jib shot by securing the bazooka to an Egripment Focus dolly.