The Egripment Jan Jib is a camera arm, which is completely balanced with the use of counterweights. Therefore the cameraman has the ability to move around smoothly.


In combination with the use of a standard fluid head, the Jan Jib offers an absolutely fluid and perfectly smooth camera movement. The Jan Jib is a modular system that fits on all Egripment dollies and most standard dollies. In combination with a Hot Head and controls at the back of the JanJib, this single operator crane is an ideal solution for the use in smaller studios (Talk shows, Presentation studios, etc.) and for use on locations such as Music concerts.

Maximum arm reach: 10’
Maximum operation length: 13’ 6”
Minimum operational length: 6’9”
Maximum platform height: 12’1″
Minimum platform height:5’6”
Maximum load capacity at minimum length:45kgs/ 99lbs
Maximum load capacity at full length:9 kgs/ 20 lbs


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