ARRI Operator Control Unit OCU-1


The Operator Control Unit OCU-1 is an addition to the WCU-4 lens control system on ALEXA Mini and gives camera operators full control of their lenses when they want it. Fitting into a long ARRI tradition of innovation, the OCU-1 will improve on-set efficiency and control.

The OCU-1 enables operators to override and return focus, iris, and zoom controls at the touch of a button. With its three assignable user buttons and a finger wheel the camera operator will always have the ability to control the lens, even when motors are attached. This will help camera operators to save time while framing a shot or doing adjustments when focus is slightly off.
The OCU-1 override is indicated on the WCU-4 screen and enables the focus puller to re-engage control smoothly without a jumping motor.

The OCU-1 enables the control of EF lenses mounted on ALEXA Mini and AMIRA cameras without any additional external motors. It is small, lightweight, and easy to use, has the same control wheel and display and LBUS integration as the ARRI Master Grips. With its flexible mounting options it can be easily mounted onto common 15mm or 19mm rods, an ARRI Rosette, or 3/8” mounts.